DH Work In Progress presentation on Watt, Gender, and Female Novelists

Hi folks,

Some graduate students of mine, Walter Barta and David Bishop, have been working for some time on a Digital Humanities research project involving Ian Watt, Gender, and 18c female novelists.

I thought it would be helpful for them to present some of their work in progress to the seminar, so you can see some of their work and they can hear your comments and questions based on our reading so far. For that reason, I’m setting aside the final half hour of the seminar for a very brief presentation and some Q&A.

Otherwise, class will proceed as planned with Wollstonecraft and Johnson.

Thanks, and see you soon,






UPDATE: we’ll do annotated bibs tomorrow, finish reading the next class

I’m hearing that I was overoptimistic about the time needed to finish reading this book.

I’m revising our schedule slightly, so that everyone should post their selective annotated bibs tonight as standalone posts before class. Do those as your own posts, not as comments to mine. I will move the second blogging assignment I mentioned before to next week, to set up our final class on Richardso.

We’ll finish up the final portion of Clarissa the following class, so that we have time to do both assignments and discuss them.

If you’re having trouble with the annotated bib, or  WP posting generally, let me know on the blog or via email. If it gets too hard, send to me via email and I’ll post.

Thanks, and take care,


CLASS CANCELLED, 9-19: Make up assignments on blog; UPDATED

Hi folks,

The weather has turned ugly this morning and I’m seeing flash flood alerts. We will therefore cancel today’s meeting and resume next week to finish the book (883-1499).

To make up for the lost meeting and to keep us on track, I expect all those who haven’t yet posted for this week to put up those posts by tomorrow.

I will also assign two one blog post for next week, one writing-oriented and one research-oriented, which I expect you to post by Wednesday evening. 

These posts will be graded together as part of the annotated bib assignment for Segment I.

Please make sure you’re up to date with your posts, and check the blog for those upcoming assignments.

I’m also notifying people of this through emails and text messages.

Please stay safe,